Cultural Events

GATeS Signature Events

GATeS celebrates three signatures events every year

Vanabhojanaluduring May

Telangana Formation Day during June

Telangana Formation Day 2018Gates-Seminar and Cultural Night 2017Telangana Formation Day-2016Telangana Formation Day-2015
Telangana Formation Day – 2018
Gates-Seminar and Cultural Night-2017
Telangana Formation Day-2016
Telangana Formation Day-2015

Bathukamma Samburalu during Sep-Oct (depending upon when Dussera)

Bathukamma Samburalu-2018Bathukamma Samburalu 2017Bathukamma Samburalu 2016Bathukamma Samburalu 2015
Bathukamma Samburalu-2018
Bathukamma Samburalu – 2017
Bathukamma Samburalu-2016
Bathukamma Samburalu-2015